Travel Skincare Tips

Travel Skincare Tips

When you go on an overseas trip the thrill and excitement of your adventures often throws you out of normal skin care regime. Not to mention the stress the actual journey puts on your skin, Aeroplanes are virtually void of moisture and filled with germs.

Here are some tips as to how to ensure you have beautiful skin when you travel

1. A few days before you are due to leave make sure your face and body prepared. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veggies. The day of your travel exfoliate your whole body top to toe and apply generous moisturizer all over.

2. Whilst on the airplane drink loads of water, avoid alcohol as it is extremely dehydrating. I also like to take green tea bags on the plane to assists with anti ageing and are a nice change from just consuming water the whole flight

3. Avoid snacking on foods such as high in salt aeroplane food as they often have a very high GI index, which is linked to accelerated skin aging. Pack snacks in your travel bag like almonds and fruit, which are high in omega 3s and also hold anti aging properties.

4. Pack a mini in flight skin care pack. In my pack I usually have skin cleansing wipes, a hydration mask, hand and foot crème, an intensive lip conditioner and a bb creme. As soon as the plane takes off I use the cleansing wipes to take off any makeup I have on and massage the hydration mask into my skin, reapplying through out the flight when needed. Apply the foot creme to my feet and put socks on to lock in the moisture. The whole flight I am constantly applying the lip creme and hand creme as to combat how dry the air is in the cabin. Upon decent I cleanse my face with the wipes again to clean the plane germs off my face and apply the bb creme to make my skin look fresh and happy for when I disembark the plane.

5. Just because you’re on holidays don’t take a holiday from your skin care. Ensure that you are still looking after your skin morning and night like you would at home. As your destination maybe a slightly different climate to what your skin is used to you may see changes in your skin. So be ready for this and pack accordingly. Before you go buy a skin care travel kit that will be perfect for your skin at your destination.

6. Try and get enough sleep whilst on the plane as missing sleep can affect your skin appearance. Not only that but it can effect the skins ability to fight germs. On the flight use a sleep mask and some noise reduction head phones and listen to soothing music.