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  • The ins and outs of Sensitive Skin

    The ins and outs of Sensitive Skin

    Published in Peninsula Living February 2016  Sensitive skin is extremely common with around 50% of the population experiencing some form of skin sensitivity and it tends to occur mostly among women, says Gina Gatford - Founder of AbsoluteSkin and qualified Beauty Therapist. Many people perceive t... View Post
  • Post shower routine TLC

    Post shower routine TLC

    There are some routines in our lives that have become so, routine that we go through them as if on autopilot for example brushing our teeth, washing our face, etc. Our post-showering rituals would probably fall into this category, as we are all so busy with life that getting dry and clothed as th... View Post
  • What is it and How Do We Stop Ageing?

    What is it and How Do We Stop Ageing?

    Ageing, what is it and how do we stop it?  Do you want to slow down the ageing process? It comes down to a little bit of knowledge and making sure that you show the skin that you are in a little bit of love. Did you know? That people with light eyes and a fair completion are at greater risk if... View Post
  • Tips for Glowing Skin this Summer

    Tips for Glowing Skin this Summer

    It is Summer time and the weather is fine. Here are some of our tips to get gorgeous summer skin Switch it up. The hot summer weather means more humidity which equals more oil and grime on your face. You will need to adjust your regimen to match the summer time conditions. For example you may n... View Post
  • Spring clean your skin care routine

    Spring clean your skin care routine

    Spring Clean your Skin Care Spring clean your beauty routine. Spring is a time for new beginnings; it is a breath of fresh air. The saying “spring clean” Is most commonly used for a tidy up around the home but why not give your beauty and skin care some sprucing up too? It is the best time to we... View Post
  • Travel Skincare Tips

    Travel Skincare Tips

    When you go on an overseas trip the thrill and excitement of your adventures often throws you out of normal skin care regime. Not to mention the stress the actual journey puts on your skin, Aeroplanes are virtually void of moisture and filled with germs. Here are some tips as to how to ensure yo... View Post
  • Summer Skin

    Summer Skin

    Nothing feels better than the suns’ rays on your skin, but how can we make sure we have radiant skin and not tight, dry or dehydrated skin this summer. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your summer skincare. Should I change my everyday routine in the summer months? Only a slight c... View Post