Tips for Glowing Skin this Summer

Tips for Glowing Skin this Summer

It is Summer time and the weather is fine. Here are some of our tips to get gorgeous summer skin

Switch it up.

The hot summer weather means more humidity which equals more oil and grime on your face. You will need to adjust your regimen to match the summer time conditions. For example you may need to change your cleanser to something with glycolic to aid in a deeper cleanse. To further assist in removing dirt, excess oil and sunscreen. Also try to seek out ingredients like Vitamin C and E as these guys aid in neutralising free radicals from the sun and pollution.

Exfoliate your entire body.

It is even more important to exfoliate in summer to help get rid of sunscreen and oil that builds up on your skin. Your skin can handle more frequent exfoliation in summer as it is not as dry and sensitive. do this 2-3 times a week from head to toe.

Wear Sunscreen EVERYDAY!

Ensure that everyday you have SPF 15 to 30 above and below the neck. Wearing makeup is not enough protection, layer sunscreen under your makeup to make sure you are covered. Ensure you also cover your arms and legs if you are out and about during the day.

Get a golden glow.

Tan the safe way with a great self tan. With so many great quality tans on the market these days there is no need to expose your skin to the suns harmful rays to get the summer glow. Exfoliate your skin before and pay close attention to your elbows and knees when applying. Check out our range of great natural tan products.

Keep your skin hydrated.

It is an ideal time to up yours level of hydration with intensive masques at night or to use boosters layered under your moisturiser. Another way is to use a revitalising spritz on your skin during the day to add even more hydration and to asset keeping your skin cool.

Drink more H20.

Higher air temperatures in Summer and more active time outside leads to more internal dehydration which can effect your skin. It is recommended that you drink 8-10 glasses a day. Add fresh fruit or lemons or limes to make your water more exciting to drink.

Summer is such a beautiful time of year but ensure you continue to look after your lovely skin it is a life long investment.