What is it and How Do We Stop Ageing?

What is it and How Do We Stop Ageing?

Ageing, what is it and how do we stop it?

 Do you want to slow down the ageing process? It comes down to a little bit of knowledge and making sure that you show the skin that you are in a little bit of love.

Did you know?

That people with light eyes and a fair completion are at greater risk if sun damage therefor they ages faster than those with darker completions. 35- 50 is the age bracket that accounts for almost half of all plastic surgery procedures.

What are some of the visible signs of ageing?

Hyper pigmentation Fine lines and wrinkles dryness and roughness skin texture development of jowls, a dropping neck sagging skin lackluster appearance from loss of volume strength and elasticity.

A few tips to help you prevent premature ageing

1. Sun protection. The sun is the single greatest cause of damage to the skin. So cover up all the time and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 even when it is over cast.

2. Eat more fruit and veggies. If you eat nutritious foods full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutients you will be assisting in protecting the skin from free radical damage.

3. Don't smoke cigarettes. puffing on cigarettes intensifies wrinkles around your mouth and significantly increases dryness and wrinkles overall. Not to mention how bad it is for your health as a whole.

4. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Alcohol dehydrates and depletes skin of its nutrient causing a dull appearance. It also dilates small blood vessels and increases blood flow near the skins surface contributing to and aged look.

5. Try not to stress too much. When you stress your body produces a hormone called cortisol that raises blood sugar levels. This starts the glycation process that damages collagen leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Sleep more. Not enough sleep encourages dark circles and bags under your eyes and noticeably tired looking skin.

7. Get active, exercise gets your blood flowing and this means increased oxygen and nutrients to be carried to the skin.

8. Don't frown! Try to be aware of your expressions, e.g. frowning too much can cause frown lines and this can contribute to an aged appearance. Just try to be aware that what you do to your skin will affect how fast you age.

Protect it, take care with the skin care you use and give it the time that it deserves.