Cleansing for Rosacea skins


The skin of people with Rosacea is extremely sensitive to chemical irritants.  A good skin care regime always starts with the most appropriate cleanser, and this is even more important for people with sensitive skin issues.

The ideal cleanser functions by removing dirt, oil, environmental pollutants, and harmful bacteria from the skin without disrupting or removing the beneficial lipids, proteins, and normal flora that contributes to the integrity, function, and health of normal skin. However, this is often not the case. Strong OTC cleansers that are efficient at removing dirt, oil, and bacteria cannot distinguish between good and bad lipids, proteins, or bacteria. Therefore, strong cleansers that provide an efficient skin cleaning are also, in essence, injuring the top layer of skin by damaging or stripping some of its essential components, such as lipids, proteins, and natural moisturising factor. Because those with rosacea already have a compromised skin barrier and sensitive skin, it is recommended that they avoid harsh cleansers and classic soap, instead opting for mild alcohol-free, and astringent-free cleansers that do not exacerbate their skin disease.

CLINERAL by AHAVA SKINPRO GENTLE CLEANSING GEL has been created with the sole purpose of gently cleansing the skin without stripping the skin of its functional and protective components. Follow up with the CLINERAL SKINPRO CALMING MOISTURISER for best results with rosacea-prone skin.