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  • Cleansing for Rosacea skins

    Cleansing for Rosacea skins

    The skin of people with Rosacea is extremely sensitive to chemical irritants.  A good skin care regime always starts with the most appropriate cleanser, and this is even more important for people with sensitive skin issues. The ideal cleanser functions by removing dirt, oil, environmental polluta... View Post
  • 10 tips for beauty sleep

    10 tips for beauty sleep

    We all have a night time beauty routine. Mine is fairly basic, I make sure my face is clean and put on moisturiser. However as I am getting older I feel like more should be happening whilst I am sleeping each night. Here are some overnight beauty rituals to add to ensure you are getting the best ... View Post
  • 5 Reasons your skin suffers in winter

    5 Reasons your skin suffers in winter

    Winter always brings two things: cold temperatures and dry skin. As if feeling cold isn’t enough, your skin piles misery on top of misery by breaking out into rough, itchy and dry patches that leave you desperate for relief. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your skin more co... View Post
  • Wash your face!

    Wash your face!

    Okay, something that we all do, well should be doing every day, is washing our face from dirt, grime and everyday pollutants as well as any makeup on our skin. So how is the best way to wash your face? Here are some expert tips. 1. Ensure that the water you are using is not too hot or cold. If y... View Post