Wash your face!

Wash your face!

Okay, something that we all do, well should be doing every day, is washing our face from dirt, grime and everyday pollutants as well as any makeup on our skin. So how is the best way to wash your face? Here are some expert tips.

1. Ensure that the water you are using is not too hot or cold. If you do it can cause capillaries to be permanently broken leaving your skin red and sensitised.

2. Make sure that you are using a cleanser that is not drying out your skin. See or speak to a skin care specialist who can guide you in the right facial cleanser for your skin type

3. Use correct technique. Use your fingertips and gently massage the cleanse into your skin using small circular movements. This ensures that all dirt and makeup are removed from the skin and also stimulates circulation.

4. Don't just slap it on and wipe it off, spend at least 45 seconds to a minute, spending more time on your T-zone where there is the likely hood of oil build up. Finish the process with rinsing the face with cold water to close the pores

5 Make sure that you cleanse morning and night and for the cleanest and best skin do a double cleanse as this will make sure that your skin is clean right deep into the pores.

A few more tips
- finish with a toner as this will help balance your skins pH
- Dont rush take the time to let the products work on your skin and make sure you don't miss any areas.

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