Skincare in Your 20's, 30's, 40's and Beyond

Skincare in Your 20's, 30's, 40's and Beyond

A good skin care routine is an absolute must for overall skin quality and longevity, but as you mature and change, so must your routine. What worked for your skin at 18 more than likely won't cut it at 35, so it's important to understand the many changes that aging skin experiences, as well as what steps are crucial for skin care in each phase of our lives.

Skincare in Your 20's

In your 20's, your skin is still fairly young and working at peak performance to heal, regenerate, and maintain itself. With that being said, the largest factor of a skincare routine for those in their 20's is being proactive and preventing damage and skin problems that could cause you grief in the future as you continue to age.

  • Wear Sunscreen: Unfortunately, the biggest enemy to your skin is something that we can't avoid entirely. While sun exposure is ideal in controlled doses for vitamin D creation, resist the urge to tan excessively or submit yourself to the sun without sunscreen on a regular basis, as this can cause premature aging and up your risks for skin cancer. Always apply a sunscreen to all exposed skin areas before going out, even if it's cloudy or relatively cool outdoors.
  • Stay Hydrated: Hydrated skin is beautiful, young-looking skin, so make sure that you're drinking an ample amount of water every day to keep your cells plump, hydrated, and youthful. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, and aim to drink several litres of water throughout the course of your day.
  • Moisturise Daily: As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture on its own, so a little help goes a long way. Invest in a moisturiser that works well with your skin type and be sure to use it every single morning and evening.
  • Don't Wear Makeup to Bed: Whatever you do, don't make falling asleep with your makeup on a regular habit. Makeup essentially suffocates your skin after extended wear, and it blocks your pores, leading to breakouts and irritations that you truly won't want to have to deal with later on.

Skincare in Your 30's

In your 30's, you're more than likely pushing full throttle into your career, starting a family, or simply enjoying your adult life as much as possible. Exhaustion and past skin neglect from your earlier years can start to cause problems for you in this decade, so you'll have to play both offense and defense to keep your skin in fighting shape.

  • Up The SPF: If you've been diligent about sun protection throughout your 20's, great, but even so you will want to be far more proactive about wearing sunscreen now in your 30's, as excessive exposure in this stage can definitely cause wrinkling and sun spots. Consider trying out a higher SPF sunscreen, and wear it daily.
  • Find a Good Eye Cream: The skin around our eyes is generally the thinnest, and it's one of the quickest spots to start showing signs of aging. Find a quality eye cream containing peptides and hyaluronic acid to plump the area, and make sure to get enough sleep to avoid excessive bags under your eyes.
  • Use a Brightening Serum: With age comes a general skin dullness, scarring from acne past, and sun spots that can disrupt an otherwise clear complexion. Invest in a brightening serum that can help you combat excessive buildup of pigmentation without causing additional aggravation to your skin.
  • Exfoliate regularly: If exfoliation in your 20's and earlier meant keeping your skin from being too oily or acne-ridden, exfoliation now means keeping your skin bright, fresh, and constantly regenerating. Exfoliate twice a week to keep your newest and most radiant skin front and center.

Skincare in Your 40's and Beyond

As we hit middle age, the name of the game in regards to skincare is regeneration. Keeping your skin as fresh and conditioned as possible will be your best bet in the battle against wrinkles and dullness.

  • Use a Night Cream Before Bed: Save yourself some time and energy by using products that work while you sleep. A hydrating night cream or mask applied before bed will help to ensure that you wake up as fresh-faced as possible.
  • Exfoliate More Often: It may seem like exfoliating is touted as being overly important for all age ranges, but it's definitely for a good reason. As previously mentioned, your skin is constantly regenerating, and even though that process slows down as we age, we still need to take the time to remove dead cells and gunk to reveal the glowing, healthy skin underneath.
  • Maintain a Clean Diet: Your skin directly reflects the quality of life that it is enduring, so if you are still living the somewhat unhealthy lifestyle of your younger years by not eating well or exercising, it will show on your face. Up your intake of leafy greens and healthy proteins and make sure to get some regular exercise into your schedule everyday.
  • Use a Retinol Cream or Serum: In your 40's and beyond, the constant cell regeneration that was once abundant in your 20's has noticeably started to vanish. Combat fine lines and uneven skin tone by using a retinol serum or cream to increase cell production in your skin.

Aging gracefully and keeping your skin in fighting shape doesn't have to be a hassle. Keep up with these basic tips throughout your life's journey and you'll always be able to put your best face forward.