5 Reasons your skin suffers in winter

5 Reasons your skin suffers in winter

Winter always brings two things: cold temperatures and dry skin. As if feeling cold isn’t enough, your skin piles misery on top of misery by breaking out into rough, itchy and dry patches that leave you desperate for relief. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your skin more comfortable. First, however, you need to know exactly what’s making your skin suffer.

1. Dehydration
Without the heat urging you to drink water, a lot of people forget to drink enough water during the winter. When you get dehydrated, your body starts pulling moisture from other areas, like your skin, to perform essential organ functions. Always strive to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

2. Incorrect Moisturiser
Your skincare routine should change right along with the weather. During the winter months, you must use a richer, more intense moisturiser to replenish your skin’s moisture balance. You may also want to consider using a nourishing skin serum to boost dry skin. Our top moisturier picks are: Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream, Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream and asap ultimate hydration.

3. Cold Temperatures and Harsh Winds
In the winter, the air gets cold and dry. What’s more, the wind tends to blow a little more. As the cold air blows over your skin, it evaporates oil and water from your skin’s surface, making it feel dry and tight. You should apply lotion or moisturiser regularly when you’re spending a lot of time outside.  We love Payot Cold Cream spf30 when watching sport on the weekend.

4. The Sun
Remember to protect your skin from the Sun! Yes the sun, UV rays are still present during the winter months. Always apply sunscreen to exposed areas – face, lips, ears, neck, and other body parts that are not covered up.

5. Heat Factors
Heat zaps your skin of vital moisture. When you crank up the thermostat or take a long and luxurious hot shower, you’re doing your skin more harm than you can imagine. Sure, it may feel wonderful and stave off the chills for a bit, but you will pay for it. Instead, take quick, warm showers and strive to maintain humidity in your home. Use a humidifier if you have to.  Keep your skin hydrated in the shower with Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash.

Although dry skin is more common in winter, it is not an inevitable condition. There are things you can do to keep your skin hydrated and fresh all season long. Take care of your skin, drink plenty of water and apply lots of moisturiser to stave off dry and itchy winter skin.