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  • How to Know if Your Skin is Dry or Dehydrated

    When your skin feels dry, you may naturally assume that it is dry. But it might just be dehydrated and in need of water.   A Quick Guide: Dry skin: Lacks sebum (oil). Is a natural skin condition from birth. Feels dry all over, including hands and on scalp. Is m... View Post
  • Winter Hydration - Top Picks for Winter Skin

    Relieve dry winter skin - give your skin a dose of hydration and moisture for a smooth, comfortable soft complexion.   Here's our product guide for a good winter skin regimen. Cleanser: Opt for a milkier or creamier texture. With your skin already losing moisture due to harshe... View Post
  • Why Is Blue Light Harmful For Your Skin?

    Whether we’re shielding our skin from the sun or protecting it from the ageing effects of gravity, sometimes it feels like our complexion is under attack from all sides. And with the increasing adoption of technology, we can add one more aggressor to the list: blue light. Blue light c... View Post
  • Luxe to Less Moisturisers

    As the cooler weather draws near and we prepare to hunker down for winter, for many of us, the thought of uncomfortable dry skin is on our minds. We’re exposed to heating, drier environmental air, less water intake and a sense of going into hibernation so we care less about our skin. ... View Post
  • Spa Treatments You Can Try At Home While Isolating

    With the current changing world situation, many of us find us self isolating and working from home.   This can be the perfect time for DIY at home spa treatments to help set you on the path to wellness. You can practice one of these rituals a day - or mix and match - to enhance ... View Post
  • Transition Your Skincare From Summer to Autumn

    We welcome autumn and embrace the cooler temperatures and windier weather. It can be tough to maintain that healthy glow we all love, but with the right products in hand, your skin will not only stay healthy all season long, but be ready to take on even harsher conditions in wint... View Post
  • Serums - Which one is right for you?

    If you’re not already using a serum in your skincare regime, you’re potentially missing out on some pretty amazing benefits!   A serum can be a powerful boost to your everyday regimen, formulated with a high amount of active ingredients, they target specific concerns and give ... View Post
  • How to get rid of large pores - 6 products that will help

    Large pores are one of the most common skin complaints among women. What can we do about them? These 6 products will help you achieve cleaner, clearer, more refined pores. View Post