10 tips for beauty sleep

10 tips for beauty sleep

We all have a night time beauty routine. Mine is fairly basic, I make sure my face is clean and put on moisturiser. However as I am getting older I feel like more should be happening whilst I am sleeping each night.

Here are some overnight beauty rituals to add to ensure you are getting the best out of your beauty sleep.

1. Don't forget your hands and feet. Apply a moisture rich hand creme to your hands and feet, cover your feet with socks to lock in the moisture.

2. Wake up with kissable lips by using a replenishing lip creme to them before sleeping.

3. Moisturise your clean face to ensure your face is rejuvenated overnight, massage it into your face as you lie down in a relaxing manor. It will help you feel relaxed before you drift off to sleep.

4. Your nails need moisture too, use coconut oil or cuticle oil into your nails as it will help strengthen and grow them.

5. Eyebrows and eyelashes don't forget to moisturise them as they need to be nourished as well to help them grown. Simply use a little coconut oil and massage in.

6. Your hair needs love too, massage some vitamin e or coconut oil into the ends and place in a loose plait. You will wake you to smoother ends.

7. Sleep on satin for beauty. When you sleep on a satin pillow cases it reduces fruition and helps prevent frizzy hair. It is also great for your skin as it reduces stress on your skin so you won't wake up with sleep lines on your face.

8. Apply body creme to your whole body concentration on elbows and knees as these are the driest parts of your body and need the most attention.

9. Eye care don't ever forget your eyes, just before you close them give them some love. Gently apply your eye creme and close your eyes and drift to sleep knowing you will wake up glowing.

10. The best thing you can do to ensure you wake up beautiful is get enough sleep around 8 hours is recommended.

Sweetest dreams xo ZZzzzzz