Create the perfect ambience for your home.

Create the perfect ambience for your home.

As we rush from one thing to another in our busy lives, we can often forget how much our home environment can affect our energy levels and mood. A big part of overall wellness is environment, and while you may not be able to control every environment in your life, implementing a few simple daily rituals in your home will give you the ambience you need to live a more peaceful, healthy existence. 


1. Greet the morning with arms and blinds wide open. 

It's common practice to close your home's blinds and drapes in the evenings for privacy, but in the morning as you're preparing for the day, you may turn on a few lights, but be too rushed to remember to open the blinds. 

Set a daily ritual to open the drapes all over your home as soon as you arise. If the weather is nice, open a few windows to let in a fresh, pleasant breeze as well. Even if it's cloudy, the natural light will help your body wake up and get you feeling energized. As you come and go throughout the day, your home will have a bright, welcoming feel. 

If you have close neighbours, consider hanging sheer drapes to allow light to enter in while still maintaining privacy.


2. Turn on some soothing music.

Now that you're body is wide awake with the sunshine, it's time to wake up your mind. The best way to do this is with music. Use your favorite streaming music app or CD to set the tone you want for your home.

In the morning, you may want song selections that are more upbeat; although soothing music can help calm the tone of a rushed morning. In the evenings, choose a soft jazz or instrumental music to help you wind down from the day.


3. Flip your reed diffusers. 

Just like a whiff of cologne can remind you of a lost love, other scents can have a strong impact on your state of mind as well. As you consider your home's ambience, be sure to consider your sense of smell, and choose fragrances that inspire and soothe you. 

A busy schedule may not always allow you to attend to candles, so using reed diffusers like these from AbsoluteSkin are a great way to give your space that subtle, soothing aroma that will welcome you home at the end of a long day. 

Reeds are inserted into a jar of scented oil, where they absorb the fragrance, diffusing it throughout the air. Flipping the reeds and exposing the end that's been soaked in the oil releases more scent into the air. You can turn the reeds as frequently as you wish, treating yourself to a steady fragrance. If your windows are open during the day, the scent of the reed diffusers can waft through your home, giving you a refreshing aroma throughout, without the danger of an open flame. 

Scents like crisp Lemongrass, alluring Kashmir Petals, or the fresh Coastal Breeze will give you the ambience you're looking for in your space.

 Pelactiv Fusion French Pear Reed Diffuser MOR Reed Diffuser Kadhmir Petals


4. Tidy up.

Cleaning is often considered a chore, but as you create a daily ritual of "tidying up" it can become a grounding part of your day and give your home a clean, uncluttered atmosphere. Consider wearing a pretty apron or favorite sneakers and putting on some upbeat music as you tidy to add some fun and enjoyment to the ritual. Coming home to a clean, organized space is like having your home welcome you with open arms.


5. As the sun goes down, bring the down the lights and light a candle.

As the day begins to close, allow your body to begin to relax as well by turning off the overhead lights in favor of softer lamps and indirect lighting. The use of dimmer switches can help to set a calming evening tone as well, and the flickering light of scented candles is sure to soothe any frayed nerves from a busy day.

Despite their tiny flames, candles also add a coziness to a home that other lights can't, and their warmer scents give a different atmosphere than those of the reed diffusers you may use during the day. AbsoluteSkin's Pelactiv Fusion Candles come in a variety of scents like the bright, fresh Sweet Pea and Jasmine, the rich French Pear, and the spicy Noir to suit any personality or mood. Different aromatherapy options can help to relieve stress, elevate mood, or better prepare you for sleep.

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As you incorporate these simple rituals into your daily routine, you can enjoy the pleasures of a home with the cozy, welcoming ambience you deserve.