The effects of pollution and blue light on the skin.

The effects of pollution and blue light on the skin.


Your skin is under assault daily. While you know to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, it may not have occurred to you to also protect your skin from the detrimental effects of the air you breathe. The light and pollution you are exposed to every day have the power to dull, damage and age your skin.

The Perils of Pollution

It's an unfortunate truth. Exhaust fumes, soot, lead and hydrocarbons can penetrate your skin. They leave your skin looking dull and lifeless.  Environmental pollutants form an invisible film that suffocates your skin and interferes with collagen production. This results in dryness and peeling, uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues, wrinkles and sagging. The effects of pollution can make you look older than your years.

Exposure More Intense Than Sunlight

The sun is not your only source of UV exposure. You may not know this, but the blue light emitted from indoor lighting, your computer screens, tablet and from your cell phone are very similar to sunlight, only more intense. This high energy visible light can trigger hyperpigmentation and destroy collagen and elastin.  Blue light accelerates the damage to your skin caused by free radicals. You may be exposing your face to this high-intensity UV light hundreds of times each day, just by the way you use your phone.

Protect Your Skin from Pollution and High Energy Light

We don't mean to cause anxiety or fear; you just need to be aware. These contaminants are everywhere, but you can protect yourself. You need to find the right products that will protect your skin from damaging environmental pollutants and high energy light. We can help.


The following products will protect and rejuvenate your complexion:

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant utilises the purifying power of charcoal. This innovative powder is activated with water to smooth and detoxify your skin. Powerful alpha hydroxy acids deep clean, detoxify and purify your skin while the red algae and niacinamide protect your complexion from the continuous exposure to daily pollutants. You will be rewarded with smooth, resilient skin. This product is effective, but gentle enough to use every day. Dermalogica Superfoliant


 AHAVA Mineral Radiance
Protect your skin from environmental ageing with AHAVA's Mineral Radiance collection. The Dead Sea minerals protect your skin from smoke, pollution and UV radiation, including the blue light from your electronic devices. Powered by OsmoGuard™, Mineral Radiance provides a breathable shield to protect and pamper your skin.



Protect your skin day and night with Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist. This nurturing blend of lavender, rose, geranium and orange oil hydrate your skin while protecting it from free radical damage. Spritz your skin throughout the day to refresh and revive, or soothe puffy, lined eyes with a soaked cotton pad. The moringa seed extract is a proven skin conditioner that provides a gentle protective barrier between your skin and your environment.
Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist


Medik8 Firewall 
Medik8 Firewall is a mineral antioxidant, a broad-spectrum anti-ageing serum, that protects your skin from harsh weather, environmental pollution and UV damage. This bottled wonder will also stimulate the production of new collagen and leave your skin looking radiant. Medik8 Firewall will leave your skin fresh, smooth and protected.


 PAYOT Peeling Oxygenant Depolluant is a triple action exfoliator that starts as a pretty pink gel. When applied to your damp skin, the gel transforms to a crackling foam skin treatment. Your skin will feel reborn as it is oxygenated, detoxified and purified from invading pollutants. Raspberry alpha hydroxy acids restore your complexion as the blueberry, lemon and orange extracts remove the layers of pollution and dead skin cells. This product is recommended for weekly use on your face and neck. 
PAYOY Gommage Oxygenant Depolluant


At Absolute Skin, we understand beauty and the health of your skin. We understand the effects of environmental pollution and blue light exposure. That's why we offer a variety of skin care and beauty products to help you nourish, detoxify and protect your skin from premature ageing. To connect with a knowledgeable, experienced beauty therapist, contact  AbsoluteSkin today.


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