All you need to know about sun protection.

All you need to know about sun protection.

Sunscreen is extremely important for maintaining skin health. At it's most basic level, it will help keep away sunburn which can cause irritation and lead to greater skin issues like cancer and deterioration of skin cells. Beyond that, sunscreen aids in preventing the effects of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. The sun can play a huge role in speeding up this process so protection is very necessary. With that in mind, there is a ton of questions up in the air about sunscreen and it can be difficult to figure out what is best for you. Here are the answers to a couple of those big questions:


My makeup has an SPF rating, will this suffice?

Only if you're not spending a lot of time outdoors. The more complex answer involves evaluating the circumstances and knowing your skin. The intensity of the conditions is very important. If you're heading to the beach on a bright and sunny day, your makeup's protection won't probably be enough. In addition, maybe you are especially susceptible to sunburn in which case even moderate sun expose could be a risk. Obviously, if you're in doubt, it can't hurt to put some sunscreen on just to be safe.


Should I use natural sunscreen or chemical sunscreen?

The best way to answer this is to explain the differences. Chemical sunscreen uses chemicals like Oxybenzone to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays and is essentially turning your skin into an opportunity for a chemical reaction. This has been proven to be effective in preventing damaging sun rays from reaching the skin. Conversely, natural sunscreens use mixtures of natural minerals like zinc oxide to actually reflect sun rays away from your skin. It acts like a protective mirror coating your skin. The bonus benefit is that you get to avoid harsh chemicals on your skin which can cause irritation and reactions. If you're interested in trying out a natural sunscreen, a great recommendation is the Wotnot Natural SPF 30+ sunscreen.

WOTNOTNatural Sunscreen


Should I wear sunscreen in winter or on cloudy days?

Yes! Ultraviolet light pierces through clouds with some estimations as high as 80%. While it may not seem too sunny, the rays are still coming through and can still do significant damage and you need to be cautious. The winter months can be another challenge as well. While there are a lot of overcast days there is also the addition of snow as a factor. Snow can reflect harmful UV rays which can actually intensify the danger as you are being exposed twice essentially. It's crucial to consider your risk when exposing your skin during these times.


Should I use a sunscreen or a face moisturiser with a SPF?

This one ties into the former question a bit and it can often come down to evaluating conditions. The reality is that it is impractical to be wearing full blown sunscreen all of the time but the reality is that this could be the healthiest option for you skin. Moisturisers with SPF protection can be an acceptable middle ground. They offer round the clock protection with the logistical nightmare of having sunscreen on all the time. Ultimately, it comes down to the conditions though. If you're exposed to strong UV rays, sunscreen will always be more effective. Some noteworthy moisturisers with a high SPF rating: asap moisturising daily defence SPF50+, Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+, Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+.


My skin is oily and most sunscreens are oily, should I still use sunscreen?

Yes, you should still use sunscreen but it is important to use one that is specifically designed for an oilier skin type . Look out for products that are "Oil free" and "lightweight". We love the Dermalogica Medibac Oil Free Matte SPF30. Designed specifically for oily skin and to help maintain skin health and beauty all day long.

Dermalogica Medibac Oil Free Matte SPF30


Other great products to try out for effective skin health in the sun is the PAYOT Sun Sensi Creme Visage. This is a product that is suitable for all skin types and is particularly effective for your face. It is non-greasy, invisible cream that keeps your skin looking radiant all day long.

PAYOT Sun Sensi SPF50+


Another that is particularly effective for use on the body is the Pelactiv Ultimate Protection SPF50+ Face and Body. Water resistant, spray on, and dry finish that keeps you protected from harmful rays. 

Pelactiv Ultimate Protection SPF50



Now that you know more about sunscreen and some of the myths have been exposed, you're on your way to healthy, ageless skin. With this knowledge you can find what products are best suited for you and will keep you comfortable and protected.