The End of Ultraceuticals Online Retail

Some not so good news for all you loyal Ultraceuticals users. Ultraceuticals have changed their policy and will no longer be allowing any online retailing of their products. They propose to run their own store but will be selling their range at full retail price. Which for you the consumer means you'll probably need to head to a salon to get your Ultraceuticals skincare products and cough up a lot of dough. So as of around the 25th Oct, you won't be able to purchase at discounted prices. So my advice to you is stock up now while you can, I have limited stock available so get in quick, here's the link: For those of you who now feel Ultraceuticals will be out of your reach, you may wish to look at the ASAP skincare product range. ASAP is Ultraceuticals greatest competition and the products are of a very similar nature in that they active in nature, easy to use and a compact range to understand and more affordable!