What does glycolic acid in skincare do?

When you've been shopping around for a new skincare range, you've probably come across the ingredient "glycolic acid" or  have probably heard about skincare that contains glycolic acid and I get numerous emails and calls about products containing glycolic acid so I thought I'd put it out there. Glycolic acid is a fruit acid which loosens the bonds between the skin cells, ie: it exfoliates and when we exfoliate the skin, fresher, clearer skin is the result. As we age , our skin cell metabolism slows down and using products that contain fruit acids encourages healthy skin function and regular cell turnover. In my view I think glycolic acid based products do amazing things for the skin and a noticeable difference is almost always seen. If you are a new user to glycolic or lactic acid products you may experience a slight tingling sensation on the skin which is considered normal but as you gradually increase the usage, you shouldn't experience it but if you were to use stronger products, the tingling may be felt again. Recommendations for top performing glycolic acid skincare: ASAP -My favourites are the Cleanser, Scrub and Night Cream Alpha-H- Pick of the best-Liquid Gold and for an intensive 28 day treatment, the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum Please email me if you have any questions regarding skincare choices or have a question.