Trade-in your socks and slippers, it’s thongs and sandals season

Trade-in your socks and slippers, it’s thongs and sandals season

Pamper your feet today!

During winter we often slow down in the beauty department and being at the very end of our body, feet fall to the bottom of our beauty list. Now is the time to rejuvenate your feet before they go on display again this summer.

Here are a few quick and easy tips you can turn your winter feet into fantastic feet this Summer.

Foot Care Tip 1: Soak Each week soak your feet in warm water with added salt or aromatherapy oil. This will relax your tired feet and soften the dead skin.  Pat your feet dry with a towel and using a pumice stone or a pedi paddle gentle buff the hard skin on your heels and toes.

Foot Care Tip 2: Exfoliate Exfoliating is another important part of your weekly beauty treatment.  A foot scrub is an easy and effective way to remove dead skin to reduce the appearance of cracked heels.

Foot Care Tip 3: Trim and tidy Cut your nails in a straight line. Use a file to get the shape you want and to remove any sharp edges. While the cuticles are still soft and moist, gentle push them back.

Foot Care Tip 4: Moisturise Before going to bed each night, moisturise your feet for hydration and repair.  Apply your moisturiser liberally and massage until fully absorbed. For extra care, apply and cover with a sock to seal-in the hydrating effect.

Foot Care Tip 5: The finishing touch Start with a basecoat to protect the nail, add a splash of colour and finish with topcoat. Remember, it takes about 10 minutes for the nail polish to dry thoroughly.

My favourite Foot & Body products;

AHAVA Dead Sea Bath Salts - Releases muscle tension, conditions the skin by increasing moisture and nourishment.

AHAVA Dead Sea Mud – Great for any nails with a fungal infection, massage into affected nails and leave for 10 minutes.

AHAVA Dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream – Alleviates redness and irritation of dry and sore feet.  This special blend helps to repair and heal cracked rough feet and prevent further dryness. 

Dermalogica Salts – A sea-salt body therapy for a re-mineralising bath soak or an all over skin polish.