Your Everyday Essential

Your Everyday Essential

Not quite a tinted moisturiser, not quite a foundation; BB Creams are suddenly everywhere however they have been around since the 60’s…

“BB” is short for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and are an all-in-one facial cosmetic cream, for creating a flawless complexion, healing breakouts, controlling oil, and lightening dark spots.

Unfortunately, some cosmetic companies have jumped on the BB train and put forward their existing tinted moisturisers as their BB cream which lack the skin-caring functions that BB creams normally have.  

A true BB cream offers so much more than hydration and a bit of colour, they go one step further; repair imperfections, offer SPF, have anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants properties and give you a light, natural coverage to even out your complexion.

Payot is the latest of many brands to release BB creams and are now available at AbsoluteSkin.  We have two to choose from;

Payot Hydration 24 Protection BB Cream SPF15 - it’s the perfect blend of a high-performance moisturiser with mineral pigments which melt into the skin in one simple action. An innovative, 5-in-1 solution for a “peaches and cream” complexion.  Available in Light and Medium. 

Payot Parfait Clarte BB Cream SPF30+ - is a high performance BB cream enriched with Vitamin C, to prevent the appearance of pigmentation marks. It provides an even complexion and improves the skins appearance while Payot’s Derma-White Berry Complex brightens and whitens. 

BB creams can be used on sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

Have BB creams replaced your normal foundation?  What do you think of BB creams?