Cleansers for Dry Skin

Dreaming of having smooth, soft skin that looks gorgeous all over? Let AbsoluteSkin turn your dream into reality! We have partnered with leading Australian skincare brands to bring you this exceptional range of facial cleansers, specially formulated for those with dull, dry skin. 

Dry air leaves your skin parched and flaky, making it one of the major causes of a dull complexion. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control. But the amount of time we spend taking hot showers is! Hot water may soothe your aching muscles after a long day at work. But it’s not doing your skin any favours as it dries up its natural oils all too quickly. Dry, flaky skin looks good on no one. That’s why Dermatologists and beauty experts highly recommend using moisture-rich products that lock-in moisture in the skin. 

From facial cleansers to cleansing wipes, makeup removers to restoring gels, AbsoluteSkin’s collection of high-grade, antioxidant-rich cleansers is guaranteed to purify your skin. Rid it of dirt and makeup, and leave it feeling refreshed, nourished, and hydrated!