asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 50ml travel size

asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 50ml travel size

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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub is a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells, it dramatically improves skin appearance and texture. Smooth and round exfoliating beads assist in stimulating skin renewal without irritating or damaging the skin.


  • Suitable for all skins.
  • Stimulates skin renewal.
  • Smoothes and brightens the skin.
  • Buffered to minimise irritation.
  • Shower friendly flip top lid.
  • Ideal for acne and congested skins.
  • Fragrance Free.
  • ASAP Super C serum is absorbed more effectively into the skin.

Customer Reviews

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no better, no worse

I am 48 with combination sensitive skin. The scrub is gentle enough to use daily but unlike other reviewers, it has not made noticeable different in texture or clarity - my skin is no different in appearance. I have used it daily for three weeks in combination with daily defence and anti ageing night cream. Would recommend to someone with sensitive skin seeking a gentle everyday scrub at an affordable price.

Nina B.
ASAP Daily Exfoliating Scrub

I am 52 years old and for all of my adult life I have endured oily, open-pored skin. My sons, when they were small, used to ask me why I had 'holes' all over my nose (blackheads!). I have spent probably thousands of dollars over many decades with no change in my skin. However, this product really is THE best. I use the scrub and the cleanser in the morning while showering and the cleanser at night. It took a very short period of time to make the 'holes' disappear on my face. My skin's texture is always smooth and without the blackheads that it once had, I thought forever. I can't praise this produce highly enough. I have been using this religiously for a couple of years now and my skin is the best it has ever been. Thanks for creating it! Nina

Best Exfoliator

This is the best exfoliator I have ever used. All my life I have suffered from very sensetive skin prone to breakouts. This is the ONLY exfoliator I have used that makes your skin feel so smooth and gentle, and cleans so well. it removes all your dead skin cells, and feels wonderful! I recommend this product to everyone! A tiny bit goes a long way!!!!!