Night Creams for Dry Skin

Night is usually the hour for party goers and night owls. But for your skin, this is its chance to recover from the harshness of external aggressions it encountered throughout the day. 

AbsoluteSkin understands your skin’s need to restore and replenish its lost vitality and moisture. That’s why we have partnered with Australia’s leading skincare brands to bring you a collection of excellent night creams, specially formulated for those with dry, flaky complexion. 

Repair your skin’s natural protective barrier, and guard it against harsh environmental conditions with ingredients like green tea, olive fruit, and oat extracts. Nourish and hydrate for a natural and youthful radiance with Vitamins A, C, and E. Fend off premature signs of ageing with organic Rosehip Oil. 

Choose your nightly companion from brands like Skinstitut, Alpha-H and ASAP,and treat lifeless, dry skin today.