Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum

Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum

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The Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a rechargeable extraction device, using vacuum suction to remove debris from pores.

The in-built 10x magnifying HD camera with app has 3 intensity levels of vacuum suction, to help you to visibly clear congested skin with ease and achieve instantly clearer, smoother and luminous skin.

Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum has four different sized nozzles to suit your needs.

Large circular nozzle - Suitable for most skin types.

Oval nozzle - Most targeted suction for stubborn blackheads or t-zone areas.

Small circular nozzle - Weaker suction for sensitive skin.

Microdermabrasion nozzle - Helps to clean up dead skin during extraction.

We recommend not using this product over active breakouts. To avoid bruising your skin, keep the nozzle gliding over your skin and do not stay on the same spot for more than 3 seconds. You can glide over the same area up to 3 times.  

Charge for 3 hours before the first use. USB charger cable included.  Download the Manicare Camera App on your smartphone (Compatible with Android 5.0 or IOS 12.0 and above).


  • Removes blackheads, dirt and oil impurities,
  • Clears the pores, reduces appearance of pores and deep cleanses.
  • Blackhead vacuum with Microdermabrasion head option.
  • Instant gratification with in-built microscope camera app.