5 Tips to Eliminate Cellulite

5 Tips to Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite strikes women of all ages and all sizes and it's said that up to 80% of women suffer from it. Found mostly on the bottom, thighs and sometimes the upper arms, it has an orange peel, dimply appearance. Cellulite occurs due to the structure of the body's fat cell chambers connective fibres breaking down causing the dimpling to appear. The likely reason for the breakdown in these fibres is often due to a poor circulatory system caused by too much sitting, lack of exercise and nutrient deficiency.

So what can we do to treat and reduce the appearance of cellulite?


1. Eat healthy:

It's important to eat a healthy diet - avoid alcohol, eat lean meats, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of water will all help in the fight against cellulite and keep your weight in check which can also contribute to the formation of cellulite.

2. Exercise:

Get moving! A daily form of exercise will help stimulate the circulatory system which help prevent or reduce the formation of cellulite.

3. Dry body brushing:

Dry body brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic drainage which in turn promotes improved circulation. Before you get into the shower, use a large soft bristled body brush to gently and lightly stroke the surface of the skin of the legs both backs and front. A few minutes each day is all you will need to see a difference in a few months. Try and make body brushing part of your morning routine.

 4. Smooth it on:

Cellulite can't be eliminated by a topical product alone but along with a healthy diet, regular exercise and dry body brushing, a topical product can help speed up the cellulite reduction process. Our pick of the best are AHAVA's Body Firming Duo Cellulite Control or PAYOT Celluli Ultra Performance. The AHAVA Body Firming Duo has a cellulite control cream with a roller ball applicator that you massage into the skin prior to showering and a Firming Body Cream that you apply post shower. 

5. In salon treatment:

If time and money allow, many Beauty Salons offer treatments that assist in the reduction of cellulite and toning the skin. Therapies such as Endermologie (mechanised massage therapy) , mesotherapy (vitamin and plant injections said to improve circulation) and Velasmooth (uses ultrasound and massage to contour the body)

With that all being said, so many women have cellulite so you're not alone. Focussing on eating well, taking regular exercise and forming healthy habits mean you are on the right path to a long, happy life.