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  • It's all about coconut oil in skin care....

    What do you think of when you hear the word "coconut"? A crunchy white fruit? A container for a delicious pina colada? A tropical vacation? How about a skin care must-have?

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  • 6 Body products to pamper and protect your skin.

    Baring your beautiful summer skin requires a bit of prep work, and the right skin care products to keep your skin vibrant and healthy all day long. Here are six products for you to love. View Post
  • 5 Tips to Eliminate Cellulite

    Cellulite strikes women of all ages and all sizes and it's said that up to 80% of women suffer from it. Found mostly on the bottom, thighs and sometimes the upper arms, it has an orange peel, dimply appearance. Cellulite occurs due to the structure of the body's fat cell chambers connective fibr... View Post
  • Dead Sea Spotlight: The Power of Dead Sea Mineral rich Salt.

    When you go to the beach and swim in ocean water, do you wonder why your skin usually feels dry following that experience? This drying effect is caused by a few things- the biggest culprits being harmful sun rays and high concentrations of regular salt (sodium chloride) in the water.  The longer ... View Post
  • Post shower routine TLC

    There are some routines in our lives that have become so, routine that we go through them as if on autopilot for example brushing our teeth, washing our face, etc. Our post-showering rituals would probably fall into this category, as we are all so busy with life that getting dry and clothed as th... View Post
  • You're not alone and there are many people who suffer from this condition called Keratosis Pilaris. Keratosis Pilaris  results from dry, impacted skin blocking the follicles, causing inflammation and tends to  be more common in winter due to dry air, cold wind, heated rooms, hotter showers/baths ... View Post