Gift Ideas for a shoestring budget.

Gift Ideas for a shoestring budget.

Saving money on gift buying is a never ending pursuit during the Holidays. Clipping coupons, flipping through magazines for great deals, searching for alternatives online, we've all been there and the holidays can bring enough stress already without financial worries. Here are six options to help you save on beauty gifts this holiday season.


1.MOR Limited Edition Wanderlust Correspondence Gift Duo - $24.95 

An excellent soap and hand cream in one simple package. Each featuring an elegant and lingering Kashmir Petal and Bergamot fragrance. The soap is rich with Vitamin E and Shea butter that leaves skin cleansed and soft with a light fragrance. The hand cream is rich with antioxidants providing high anti-aging properties that leaves you feeling moisturised. Most importantly,  the duo itself saves you some money on buying the two products separately allowing you to trim some dollars off your budget and deliver an excellent gift.

MOR Correspondence Wanderlust Gift Duo



2. Black Chicken Remedies Pyramedials - The Scent of Sleep - $19.95 

This attractive pyramid shaped bag is really just a bag of wonders. It is filled with pure lavender to help relieve tension and remedy insomnia. Simply placing the pyramid next to your bed or between your pillows works wonders. The perfect gift for someone you know has difficulty sleeping at a reasonable price point.

Black Chicken Remedies Pyramedial

3. AHAVA Nature's Touch Hand Collection - $22.00 AUD

Another packaged bundle designed to trim dollars. This one featuring three delightfully scented hand creams. Each featuring a different scent gives you plenty of options with Cactus & Pink Pepper, Sea Kissed, and Prickly Pear & Moringa. Perfect for your friends who love to have different scents and options.

AHAVA Natures Touch Hand Trio



4. Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit - $17.95 AUD

This is one of the best deals on the list as you'll be hard pressed to find this trio of items for a better price anywhere. This amenity kit features the Hydra Repair Day Cream to help deal with normal to dry skin and leave you feeling moisturised with effects that you can literally see. Also included is a Vanilla and Watermelon Lip Balm for superior hydration and skin texture. Last but not least, the Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream from Grown Alchemist. This is very effective on rough, dry skin and relieves that discomfort to get your skin back to its best. This little pack is perfect for onboard air plane travel.

Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit



4. Kosmea Rescue Skin Collection - $18.00 AUD

The Rescue Skin Collection from Kosmea treats multiple skin conditions including discomforting rashes. This is ideal for mothers and their babies as it is a one product treats all option. Items included are a Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, the Kosmea Rescue lip balm and the Rescue Body Cream. New mothers would be delighted to receive this gift as it helps with diaper rash and cradle cap. This could save them some stress during the holidays all without breaking the bank.

Kosmea Rescue Skin Collection



5. Pure Fiji Christmas Bonbon - $22.00 AUD

The perfect body moisturizing set for the holiday season. The bonbon includes a hydrating body lotion, mist, and butter that delivers smooth, soft, and refreshed skin. The set also provides a lip balm to make sure you've got your whole body covered and feeling great. Choose between two fragrances, Guava and Coconut. Elegantly packaged and holiday themed keeps things simple and affordable on your end.

Pure Fiji Christmas Bonbon



Bonus Tip

Hunting for deals is a never ending struggle and often a hassle. To simplify the process, buying from Absolute Skin will save you $5 on an order of $75 or more. Simply get your gifts all from one place and save yourself some money to help keep you on budget.

Hopefully these tips help you navigate the holiday season with ease and keep your budget in check. Your friends will be asking how you were able to get such amazing gifts and still save so much money. You'll be stress free and be able to enjoy the holidays with friends and family without worrying about the bank. Everyone is happy and all is well.


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