Finding the Perfect Face Mask

Finding the Perfect Face Mask

Face masks can be a game-changing step in your skincare routine, and yet, not all of them are created equal. With so many options to choose from, it's getting progressively more complicated to navigate the market and narrow in on the specific formula that will give you the complexion of your dreams. With that in mind, we put together a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect face mask for every skin condition!


Why do you need a face mask

"Using a mask can be a good boost to your skin-care regimen," says Leanne, our skin therapist expert at AbsoluteSkin. "Depending on the needs of the skin, masks can pump up the moisture, help supercharge exfoliation or simply calm the skin when it's irritated." Even if you have your morning and nighttime regimens sorted, masks can be helpful tools for tailoring your routine to address specific concerns, like a stubborn pimple or seasonal dryness.


How often you should use a mask

It depends on the mask. If you're using a formula that's soothing or hydrating, you shouldn't have a problem doing so on a daily basis.

However, there is such a thing as overdoing it; masks that have potent active ingredients and exfoliating or "detoxifying" properties are best kept to once or twice a week maximum, and it also depends on how sensitive your skin is.


How to find the right mask for your skin

Start with your primary skin concerns are and go from there. Do you have an oily, breakout-prone complexion? Look for clay- or charcoal-based products that absorb excess oils, address sebum production and keep pores from getting clogged. If you're on the opposite end of the skin-type spectrum and suffer from dryness and sensitivity, look for a mask that will give you a dose of soothing moisture.  Sulphur or kaolin are anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help calm the skin.

If you're in need of brightening, look for masks that include vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or liquorice; if you want to reduce fine lines or signs of ageing, try a retinol-infused version.


We have selected the best face masks to try for every skin concern:

Breakouts, blackhead or congestion:


Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask

The antibacterial properties of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus keep bacteria at bay promoting healthier, clear skin whilst Aloe Vera works to calm the skin and reduce inflammation. Mineral-rich Kaolin and Bentonite clays work to absorb excess oil and to mattify the skin without stripping or causing dehydration. Can be used on all skin types as a preventive measure as well as an overnight spot treatment.

Dullness and uneven skin tone:


Cosmedix Glow Brightening Mask

CosMedix Glow brightening mask helps to improve the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone by exfoliating away dead surface skin with bamboo stem extracts. Suitable for all skin types.

Dehydrated or dull skins:


AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask

The AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask is enriched with AHAVA's Dead Sea Minerals and mud to quench dry and dehydrated skins. The mask's intense hydration ability helps lock in moisture. For an intense treatment, the mask can be left on overnight or used as an alternative to a moisturiser for those skins that require extra hydration and healing. Recommended for all skin types including combination skin.



Eminence Calm Skin Arnica Mask

Eminence Organic Skin Care Calm Skin Arnica Masque will comfort irritated and inflamed skin with soothing and nourishing botanicals. Arnica acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent thus improving circulation and shielding the skin from environmental aggressors, whilst Shea Butter, Calendula and Ivy soothe and repair the skins natural protective barrier helping to reduce the appearance of inflammation. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive and those with rosacea.

Anti-Ageing Booster:


Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is an ultra-replenishing, antioxidant rich masque that helps rescue stressed, ageing skin. Perfect for as a revitalising remedy for dulling, dry, dehydrated, lackluster, photodamaged skin. Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.