A Kids Spa Day At Home

A Kids Spa Day At Home

During school holidays, lining up plenty of activities to keep your children distracted is essential.


But what happens when you’ve played all the games, watched enough television and run out of things to do? It’s a kids spa day to the rescue!

Although it’s not the same as visiting an actual spa, a simple session at home for the family is a perfect chance to sneak in a little much-needed relaxation for you, and it provides kids something new and exciting to try. You could even create a spa time as part of a weekend routine going forward or just need something easy to pass the time, a kids spa day is a great therapeutic solution.

Before getting started, consider choosing safe products for a child’s delicate skin. Natural, botanical-based products are effective and work in harmony with the skin – making them perfect for those with sensitivities and normal skin alike.


Spa Day Ideas:

This is a great time to show kids how to care for their skin, plus it allows them to practice with safe skin care products under an adult’s supervision. Starting early with a solid routine will also help them navigate changes in their skin as they get older.

1. Cleanse

The first step in any skin care routine is cleansing, but it’s essential that you use cleansers designed to soothe and nourish without too many active ingredients.

Demonstrate how to best cleanse the skin by applying the products to the skin and gently emulsifying with water. Once you’ve given the skin a thorough cleanse, it’s time for the next step: masking!


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2. Mask

This is a step that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. Again, you’ll want to make sure that any mask you provide is kid-friendly and doesn’t contain extra potent ingredients.


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3. Moisturise

The final important step in any spa day is moisturisation! This is another great opportunity to teach kids about proper moisturising as a way to keep skin healthy and strong.


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4. Manicure

Finish off your kids spa day at home with a gentle manicure designed to nurture skin as everyone finds themselves washing their hands more.  

Here’s a simple step-by-step process to follow for an at-home manicure:

  • Soak your hands in a mix of warm water and a cleanser;
  • Gently exfoliate;
  • Hydrate both hands and cuticles with a body oil;
  • Finish with a moisturiser and maybe a touch of non-toxic nail polish to complete the look.


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For more information and guidance on best skincare for your skin type, please feel free to email hello@absoluteskin.com.au or call us on 1300 334 683.  


Source: Eminence Organics. | Photo: www.freepik.com