Say goodbye to Summer

Say goodbye to Summer

Skin issues: rough, dry, dehydrated, dull skin (too much summer fun).

Solution: moisturise, protect and prepare.  

Autumn has landed upon us almost overnight, and although it’s one of my favourite seasons, I find this seasonal change plays havoc on my skin. To help my skin adapt to the change I go to one of my personal favourites, Alpha-H Age Facial Delay Oil, a couple of drops added to my moisturiser at night, this 100% botanical oil, enriched in essential fatty acids instantly restores hydration and radiance to my skin.

In addition to changing my daily skincare, I do a weekly hydration treatment to keep my skin hydrated. Hydration products such as AHAVA's Intensive Hydration Mask can be used once a week. I apply it before going to bed, allowing it to absorb while I get my beauty rest. I awake to glowing, radiant skin.

We all need to look at changing our skincare routine in order to protect and prepare our skin for the colder months ahead. We need hydrating, repairing, and protecting products to give our skin the nourishment it requires to look and feel healthy. Start by introducing a more nourishing daily moisturiser or hydration serum to your daily skincare routine.

Say goodbye to summer and treat yourself to at least one good facial and body exfoliation treatment. This is good practice for any seasonal change. Maintain the benefits by doing a gentle exfoliation on a weekly basis at home.

Remember, in autumn and winter the air can suck moisture right from the skin, staying hydrated will help keep your skin beautiful.

If you would like help with your skincare routine call me on 1300 334 683.  Leanne x