Vitamin A - The Truth Revealed

Vitamin A - The Truth Revealed

If you live in the world and, if you're reading this then you do; and if you want healthy glowing skin, then you need vitamin A in your beauty routine.


You may already know that. You may even have a retinol serum in your bathroom cabinet. Perhaps you apply it to your skin a couple of nights a week. You're doing well.  

There's more to vitamin A than meets the eye, and if you want to keep your skin glowing with good health, then we've got something to share with you.

From the moment you enter the world, your skin needs adequate amounts of vitamin A.

Vitamin A plays an essential role in the skin. Healthy skin contains significant amounts of Vitamin A which normalises skin functions, reduces skin damage by reducing the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet light, which protects against sun-induced discolouration, damaging inflammation and the breakdown of collagen.  

Unfortunately, daily exposure to the harmful rays of the sun destroys your natural supply of vitamin A. Allow this to happen for enough days, months and years over a lifetime and you'll find you have a vitamin A deficiency in your skin. You'll know this deficiency by the way your skin performs, how well it ages, the amount of moisture retained in your skin, how sensitive it becomes and how much visible and sometimes blotchy pigmentation starts to show up visibly.

As oxygen is essential to life, so too, Vitamin A is necessary for skin health.

So, avoiding the damage and dysfunction caused by a lack of vitamin A in the skin seems to us to be an excellent idea. A topical application of Vitamin A added to your skincare routine daily will maintain the health of your skin.


What will a daily application of vitamin A do for your skin?


  • The texture of your skin will improve, and it will be smoother, firmer and more resilient to environmental stress.ƒ
  • Melanin production, activated by the heat of the sun, is reduced and more evenly distributed throughout the skin to minimises the appearance of blotchy pigmentation.
  • Oily skin types can expect the daily use of vitamin A to down-regulate their sebum production. ƒ
  • Vitamin A supports the immunity cells known as Langerhans, which aids the skin in quicker recovery from inflammatory sun exposure to minimise long term damage and reduce the risk of some skin cancers. ƒ
  • Vitamin A stimulates fibroblast cells; the most critical cell in the dermis and responsible for producing healthy collagen.
  • With consistent daily use, vitamin A will activate your Natural Moisturising Factors to improve skin hydration.ƒ
  • Blood supply to the skin will be improved, enhancing the uptake of nutrients in the skin.
  • The overall colour and tone of the skin are improved.

Which Vitamin A is right for you?

If you're already using good quality retinol serum, it will provide you with DNA repair and rejuvenation, which is great!! However, in most cases, your retinol serum is recommended for night time use, which leaves your skin without the daily dose of topical vitamin A it needs for environmental protection.

What's the best way to do ensure you're getting your daily dose?

If you want to protect your skin and prevent a vitamin A deficiency, then adding a low dose vitamin A into your daily beauty routine is essential.

We're delighted to announce the launch of one of the world's most respected medical-grade skincare brands and pioneers in topical vitamin A research.


Environ Skincare


Leading plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes created Environ nearly 30 years ago. Environ is an award-winning world leader in medical skincare specifically designed to protect your skin for a lifetime.

Dr Des started working with Vitamin A, and all it's derivatives long before it was fashionable to do so. Nearly 30 years ago his scientific research led him to discover the link between healthy skin and the regular use of a low dose daily application of topical vitamin A.

Not only will vitamin A rejuvenate and repair, but if used daily, will protect the skin from vitamin A deficiency, providing the skin with adequate protection to safeguard from the many woes you might consider as a normal part of ageing skin. It's not.

Environ, introduces vitamin A in the form of the esters, retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate in a gradual STEP UP System™

By gradually introducing vitamin A to the skin, we can harness the power of vitamin A without causing an unnecessary retinoid reaction. Retinoid reactions can take the form of redness, flaking, dryness and general irritation. Of course, it will subside if you cease using vitamin A, but Environ wants to keep you on your path to beautiful skin, and that's why the Step Up System™ is a highly effective way to protect the skin without irritation.

As Environ is medical-grade skincare, it requires a telephone consultation from one of our qualified therapists. You can get in touch with us by calling 1300 334 683 for your personalised Environ Skin Consultation.


Luminous skin for a lifetime is just one phone call away!



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