A daily skincare regime for men

Guest post by George Cupac of Mr Essentials  A great way to introduce you(male or female) to a skin care regime is to simply create a habit. If you’re not already investing in a skin care regime, then it’s time to partner with a reliable male specific skin brand. Men’s skin is generally thicker and oilier than that of women’s and men’s skin pores are generally more enlarged, which means men need skin care products that are specifically formulated and concentrated to meet their needs. So here it is, the holy grail, the basic skin care regime I recommend for daily use:  MORNING - Either in the shower or at the bathroom vanity 1. CLEANSE Apply water to the face first, than simply rub-in the Mr. Facial Cleanser by working it all over your face to ensure that you’ve got all the unnecessary oils, dirt and bacteria out of your skin. The Mr. Facial Cleanser will naturally lather as opposed to foam. This is because foamy products are generally synthetically formulated and utilise a lot of soap and other chemicals that are more harmful to the skin than good. Hence, why I emphasise utilising a naturally based product such as Mr. with consists of a neutral pH level. 2. SHAVE – If you’re not shaving than proceed to step 4. After washing-off the excess cleanser, apply more water to the face where you’ll be shaving. Using the Mr. Foamless Shaving Cream, simply massage the cream into the bearded area, by either using your hands or a shave brush. The beauty of the Mr. Foamless Shaving Cream is that no pre or post shave oils/balms are required, as this product is designed to give you the closest shave possible, with the most slip and ease, whilst maintaining moisture in the skin. This assists in getting rid of unwanted in-grown hairs. The cream is also anti-bacterial and assists in reducing incidents of eczema and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin or for men that suffer from shaver’s rash. 3. POST-SHAVE After washing/wiping off the excess shaving cream, simply spray on the Mr. After Shave Splash to the shaved areas. The splash acts as a skin toner or astringent, which ensures the pores that you just ran your shaving blade across don’t get infected, by effectively closing them-up and making sure the skin is conditioned to keep it clean, free of unnecessary oils or residue and ready for the next step. The beauty of the Mr. After Shave Splash is that it’s completely free of alcohol, so it won’t dry out your skin. Instead you will feel a tightening of the skin which is exactly what you want it to do. The essential natural herbs in the splash ensure that the skin remains supple and the natural pH levels of your skin return to normal. 4. MOISTURISE Once the splash has been applied to the face, simply give it a minute and then apply the Mr. Facial Moisturiser over the face, neck and forehead. Do not apply moisturiser directly under or around the eyes. As the skin in this region is particularly sensitive and fine and you only ever use an eye gel or serum. The Mr. Facial Moisturiser is formulated as an all-purpose moisturiser for all types of skin. It has a built-in anti-bacterial component which is necessary, to make sure you don’t receive any break-out from the moisturiser been applied to your skin. Beware of moisturisers that are too heavy, greasy or aggressive, as they tend to sit on the surface of your skin and don’t absorb into the dermal layers below and tend cause break-outs or a greasy sensation. 5. EYE REJUVENATION (OPTIONAL) At this stage you have completed your standard morning skin care regime and the whole process should only take up to 5 minutes to complete. However, for those that are more serious about getting the best results, than after applying the facial moisturiser, you would apply the Mr. Eye Firming Gel to the area directly under and around the eyes, by gently tapping the gel into this area, including the eye-lids. The beauty of this product is that you can use it all the way to the eye-line at it wont sting whatsoever. Being a gel, it’s has a neutral pH level so it wont burn. Instead, it will rejuvenate the eye area and tighten the skin around it giving it fresh new life by providing moisture and hydration to the skin around your eyes. Adding the eye rejuvenation step to your regime, will definitely assist in taking back the years from the skin around your eyes and provide you with a more youthful appearance. A must in my book! EVENING 1. Repeat Step 1. Cleanse 2. EXFOLIATE (periodically) After washing-off the excess, leave your face with some water and dampness, then apply the Mr. Facial Cleansing Scrub by massaging and working it all over your face, chin, neck and forehead areas. The very fine pumice is designed to provide you with a mild exfoliating motion, without scratching or harming your surface skin. The scrub also contains a cleansing component, which means that as it gently exfoliates, it cleans and maintains the areas that have just been attended to, including the pores. Making sure no grit, dirt or unwanted oils get trapped in the newly exposed areas. You should only apply the exfoliation step into your regime, once every 3 days on average. 3. Repeat Step 4. MOISTURISE 4. Repeat Step 5. EYE REJUVENATION (OPTIONAL) SUMMARY So there you have it! It’s as simple as creating a habit and sticking to it. By maintaining this regime, not only will you notice the difference in your skin, but so will those close to you! After several weeks, you will be on automatic mode and this regime will become part of your daily routine and you will find that it will stay with you for life. Remember, healthy looking skin and appearance accentuates your style. So this summer, be sure to dress the part, look and feel the part! Guest post by George Cupac of Mr Essentials